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Chances for AMEX gold delta?

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Re: Chances for AMEX gold delta?

VegasKyle wrote:

Butter41 wrote:

OK, just chatted online with a rep and was told that I would have to wait for the denial letter and there would be a number on the letter to which I could dispute.


Does anyone know of another way to approach this?

They should send you an email with the reference number on it as well.  You can try going to also.  That's what I did, just put in my SSN and Zip code then DOB and it linked me to the denial letter.  When I called back to apply the second time I gave the reference number associated with the denial to the first person I talked to. 


Sorry you got declined, hopefully its something easy to take care of and they reconsider.

the only bright side is it was only a SP, you get to know where you stand with AMEX and they will give you you're credit score.

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