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Chances of approval?


Chances of approval?

Hello! I know there is never really a good way to tell, but just wanted to see your opinions on if I should apply for these based on this information:

Current scores

TU 728 (6 yrs and 7 months of history showing with 4 inquiries)

EQ 732 (1 yr and 1 month of history showing with 4 inquiries in past year)

EX 736 (1 yr and 1 month of history showing with 4 inquiries in past year)

4% UT at the moment. AZEO

No late payments on anything

Current cards: CO QS, CO Platinum, CO QS1 and a AMEX BCE

Would like to apply for

Chase Freedom Unlimited ( would be the first I apply for since that would make the fifth in 24 months, I have read a lot about that being a thing for them)

CO Venture (though scores may not be enough?)

Discover IT

Citi Double Cash

AMEX Green or Gold

Any advice or thoughts would be welcomed and appreciated!

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Re: Chances of approval?

Not sure on your as approvals odds , though I wish you the best, but definitely branch out, that's alot of CO and it's not always good to have all your eggs in one basket so to speakSmiley Wink
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Re: Chances of approval?

First, check the pre-qualified links:


Second, apply for chase first. Citi has a 6 inquiries in the last six month rule. So Citi second. Maybe you can combine all your CO cards to upgrade to the Venture? 


Also, check AMEX to see if you're pre-approved for their charge cards, as it will be a SP. If you're pre-qualified for Discover, it could be a SP approval. 

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Re: Chances of approval?



On Discover, it gives me


Discover IT Card and says


"Name, we found a personalized offer for you–the Discover it® card"


Down in the text it states


0% Intro APR* for 14 months on purchases.

Then 24.49% -1% Standard Variable Purchase APR applies.

3% fee for each balance transfer.



I have read with a "wide range", it's not really a "Pre-Approval". Wanted to try and get thoughts on that


I will look into the CO idea!



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Re: Chances of approval?

Not sure about your length of history, but your scores are higher than mine.


First off, get rid of QuickSilver One.


Go Freedom instead of Freedom Unlimited.


Since you have BCE, you appear to be cash back vs MR points.  No need for AMEX Gold or Green.  Pass.


Discover it is good cash back.  You probably have a good shot for high starting limit.


Citi, possibly.  If you get it, try to Product change one of the remaining Capital One into Savor.  Then combine the other with it.


Venture. ?  No idea.

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Re: Chances of approval?

No point in getting freedom unlimited and Citi double cash as they fill the same role. If you have or will get a Chase Sapphire card at some point its worthwhile to get the freedom unlimited otherwise the double cash pays out more. But the PayPal cash back MasterCard + business debit card combo (no business requirement) does one better and gives 3% on all credit transactions.

Also amex Green is basically worthless, gold or platinum are worthwhile depending on your travel patterns.

Venture - never saw the appeal myself tbh. Can't you see about changing one of your current capital one cards to the venture? I mean you have 2 quicksilvers and are looking at the Citi double cash and the freedom need for so many general category cards
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Re: Chances of approval?

My humble opinion.


Apply in this order :


Chase -  Sapphire Preferred or Reserve - Depending on which fee you can justify according to yoru travel habits.

AMEX -  a. Charge card = PRG ONLY - I had Green ( Worthless ) Platinum - Downgraded to PRG, because of my spending habits and not traveling enough to justify the $550 b. Revolver Card = Hilton Aspire - Best bang for the bucks in points earning and return ! if you can justify the fee and like taking vacations at least once a year ( the Diamond status, OMG) I have been a Diamond member for a few years do to my job, TRUST ME DIAMOND DESK can work miracles. If AMEX EVERYDAY PREFERRED Revolver.


Hope this helps.


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Re: Chances of approval?

All of your dream cards are on their banks prequal site. Check em out

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