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Chances of being approved for the CSP??

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Chances of being approved for the CSP??

What would be the chances of being approved for the CSP? My data points are EX 719 TU 716 EQ 728. I currently have AMEX Gold, Amex Ascend 9k, Citi AA 5.7k, Capital One QS 3.8k and Capital One Venture One 3.8k. Utilization is 2%. The capital one cards are roughly 3 years old so I am under the 5/24 rule. Chase is so tricky to figure out, I tried about 6 months ago and was given the 7-10 day message but I didn’t call the recon line. I had 1 late payment about 3 years ago but other than that I’ve been clean with raising my credit about 150 points over the last year to year and a half. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Chances of being approved for the CSP??

Welcome to the Forums! I would say you have a good chance but as always YEMV with Chase. Since you already have a card with 5k+ limit, the CSP usually is 5k minimum. As long as you are under the 5/24 rule, you should be fine. I would see if you can have the late payment removed (through GW).

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Re: Chances of being approved for the CSP??

Just got approved today with credit history being 4 years old on TU (I forgot my other 2 were frozen). Scores/cards/CLs in the siggy. Would say you have good odds.

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Re: Chances of being approved for the CSP??

I’d say you have good odds. I was approved today for the same card, which my highest card is only 6.5k, and my oldest being 4 years while my other three are under a year and still got approved for 7k. Of course YEMV, but I think you’ve got a good enough shot to apply.
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Re: Chances of being approved for the CSP??

Welcome, @Platinum10. Smiley Happy


I think your chances are excellent unless your three new accounts are extremely young.

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