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Changes to Amex Charge Cards???

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Re: Changes to Amex Charge Cards???

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Re: Changes to Amex Charge Cards???

75$ for MRe rewards seems expensive considering 95 will get you regular MR points.
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Re: Changes to Amex Charge Cards???

andre181 wrote:

I don't know either. But I got the SMG when I asked to PC to a cheaper AF card. 


I'm neither a senior citizen (I'm 23 Smiley Very Happy) or been a LONG amex customer (Got my first amex in 2010).


I just asked if there was a cheaper AF card I could PC to and I causally mentioned Zync (already knowing it was discontinued, but it never hurts to ask) and the rep offered SMG saying the AF was only $10 more than Zync.


$35 with no rewards is a little high, but its worth it to keep an amex charge active. And the rep said I can add the standard MRE that Green gets for an extra $40 if I want in the future. 

The regular green gets MR not MRe

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Re: Changes to Amex Charge Cards???

This is really interesting. Thanks for posting the link. I don't think there's anything new at Amex. This is a link to the credit card agreements for every single card they offer. You have to scroll through them using the arrow on the right. Its to the right of the card on the right side of the page. It even lists the cards they have just for certain companies, like Morgan Stanley. I wouldn't mind PCing to one of the cheap charge cards when the AF for my PRG comes due.
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