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Changing Reporting Date

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Changing Reporting Date

Good day to everyone,

I remember seeing this before but I cannot locate it on the forum. I made two large payments that will lower my credit utilization quite a bit, but they will not report for 3 weeks. Is there a way of calling and getting them to report sooner?

I appreciate the assistance.

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Re: Changing Reporting Date

I remember reading about this too…IIRC, there was a way that mortgage lenders could force an updated score through an immediate pull. I forget what this process is called.


You can also contact CCC to change due date, thus changing closing and reporting dates.

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Re: Changing Reporting Date

You can try calling and asking for a mid cycle update. They may or may not honor your request.

I also read before that someone changed their address with the CCC (same address but with a slight variation) to force an update. This was for BofA and I think it worked. I tried it and it didn't work for me.

Generally, in this situation, you have to wait till the CCC updates your report.
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Re: Changing Reporting Date

Yeah, just call in and ask for a mid cycle update. I've done it before with Barclays and they did it no questions asked. Don't know about other lenders, though.

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Re: Changing Reporting Date

One term that's used in the mortgage industry is "rapid rescoring".


I don't think it's available at the consumer level, unless a specific CC company will accommodate you.


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