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Charles Schwab Invest First 2% Visa - Approved

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Charles Schwab Invest First 2% Visa - Approved

Decided to apply with a 736 EQ score.  Did not get instantly approved, but called the day after applying to check status, and selected the "I have waited 10 days" option Smiley Wink. Spoke with a CSR who approved me for 2k.  I told her I'd like to set up the Brokerage account (where the rewards go), and she transferred me.  I told the next CSR i was worried about getting 3 pulls (Checking, Credit, and Brokerage), and that I heard there was a way that they could minimize if it you did it over the phone.  She was confused, but called me back to let me know that unfornately, a 3rd party is the one who requests the credit pulls from the CB, so it could result in a 2nd and 3rd pull.  Hope this information is helpful for anyone thinking of applying!


(Edit: Changed EX to EQ...obviously I don't know my EX score Smiley Tongue)

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5/31/09 - 736 - EQ
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