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Charles Schwab Investor AMEX Credit Card

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Re: Charles Schwab Investor AMEX Credit Card

I remember the other post, you will have to give up a revolver for they AMEX only allows 5 unless you have a special super power!! I have both AMEX Schwabs and they are fine....the point of a 1.5 vs 2 5 etc is really up to you not us, you know better if having that money go right into an investment account works. For some it is the easiest way to "put money away". I use it for recurring charges and forget about it....not making a million, but don't need to, it always depends on your situation and wants. You have hotel and airline so you are chasing points and miles...if you want brainless cash back it is great.....I think the big part of this is you have too many revolvers and need to figure how this one would fit in your stable, and which one you don't need, want anymore....good luck!

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Re: Charles Schwab Investor AMEX Credit Card

Just some unsolicited input...


Looking at what you have, unless you really need the MQM boost with the Delta Reserve for Medallion status, you’d almost be better suited to get rid of that and replace it with the Schwab Platinum product. 


You’ll get better earnings on Airfare purchases, a lower effective annual fee once you take into account the credits, and you can deposit Membership Rewards points into your Schwab account at 1.25 cent per point. In practice that means you should get a minimum of 5% return on your grocery and restaurant spend on your Gold card. 



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