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Charter Member


Charter Member

Hi all,

Received my Citi Cashreturns card today, and at the bottom it says Charter Member, what does this mean?  It doesn't mean I have a world card right?


Thanks in advance. 

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New Contributor

Re: Charter Member

Charter member usually means you signed up for the card during the first year it was offered. My father had the ATT Universal card thru Citi and it shows Charter Member in black script at the bottom.

No it doesnt mean you have a World Card Mastercard. You should see the word World above and Card below the Mastercard Hologram. It will also say it somewhere on your card disclosure statements and possibly your monthly billing statement. If you have any doubts call your issuer and ask if your card is a World Card Mastercard. They do have some better benefits compared to Platinum, Gold and Standard Mastercards.

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