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Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

I was feeling inspired and decided to apply. My DPs: 7/24 at the time of application. Approved with a $9300 SL. Pulled EX at 704. Hope this helps like the other DPs helped me!

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

@FinStar thank you for starting this thread. 

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

For the people who apply and got it, what does your x/12 look like?

nevermind saw dps in approval threads.

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

@FinStar wrote:

I went ahead and decided to create a separate thread merely as curiosity to see what other folks have experienced regarding some recent Chase Amazon Visa approvals bypassing 5/24.


Although, it is way too premature to consider whether the 5/24 restriction has been somewhat relaxed (or removed altogether) for this particular card, but a recent number of approvals and discussions appear to indicate that some profiles have been able to circumvent the 5/24 restriction. These appear to be cold applications vs the pre-qualification available through the Amazon site. Thus far, DPs have shown the pre-qualification can still bypass 5/24.


This thread is merely a compilation of DPs to determine whether this is something temporary (perhaps a glitch) since we know Chase has had this happen in the past with green/black star offers. Or, perhaps something that could change in the future.


This particular topic isn't about conspiracy theories or rumors about the fate of the Chase Amazon Visa CC portfolio (which is still unknown + there's a separate thread for that discussion), but rather compiling DPs around scenarios that may be indicative that the 5/24 restriction can be overcome in the absence of a pre-qualification offer via the Amazon website.


The thread below was introduced earlier this year about pre-qualification offers via Amazon:


The thread below highlights some issues with the above tool:


The thread(s) below are recent approvals which bypassed 5/24 (no pre-qualification):


For any DPs where declined applications are still citing 5/24 as a reason, please post them here as well (such as the one(s) below):

Holy cow @FinStar Your suspicions were right!  The Approvals section is getting choked up with > 5/24 approvals for this card.

Total revolving limits 741200 (625200 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 704 TU 713 EX 684

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Is Chase relaxing its 5/24?

Been reading a handful of posts in the Approvals where applicants are over the 5/24 And getting approved over the past few days.


Is this an anomaly or a glimpse into the future ?


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Re: Is Chase relaxing its 5/24?

Could be as simple as Amazon telling Chase they aren't approving enough people. With Amazon cutting ties with Visa elsewhere, that would be a blow to Chase.


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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

My unicorn is still pending. The wait is killing me.

Samsung Financing TD Bank $3,200

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

I keep reminding myself that with a new Disco, I don't need an amazon card right now, but I kinda want to see if I could get approved (haha).

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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

The Siren Song of $200 at Amazon was too much (my poor, poor spade)


I tried the PreQual earlier, and it said "no"
Applied anyway.


Instant Approval - 

I'm 7/24 (a week away from 5/24), 3/12, and 2/6

HPs:  EQ & EX




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Re: Chase Amazon Visa & 5/24? Data Points

9/24 and 3/12. Instant approval for $12k. Similar to above, prequal link said I was not prequalified. 737 EX FICO. Total Chase limit at 50.1% of income. I mention this because historically, it has seemed like Chase likes to keep things below 40%, 50% at the max -- I don't know if 0.1% over this limit is considered significant or not. This makes me wonder if the conspiracies about Chase and/or Amazon beefing up the Amazon limits (for whatever purpose) are true. Or, we're all exploiting a bug and we're all going to get shut down like Adam Business Platinums.


Some additional stats:

  • Former Chase checking customer (not current)
  • Chase credit card customer since 2012
  • Last Chase card is from Oct 2020
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