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Chase Amazon again

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Chase Amazon again

As most of you predicted, after sending my request to an "escalation specialist" Chase said they could not PC my Amazon card.   So, my next question, does the same restriction apply to transferring (most of) the CL from that card to a normal Chase card (e.g. Freedom say)?   Or, because it really isn't a Chase card, is this blocked too?  Anyone had experience with this?


Edit:  I will call them and ask, but not sure how to trust a "yes" answer, unless someone here has done it!




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Re: Chase Amazon again

I did not actually transfer my CL over to my other cards, but I asked about it before and they said it could be done. I was talking to EO or some department that isn't normal CSR. When she asked me if I wanted to go ahead with it, I told her I will need time to think it through and I will call back if I do want to go ahead with it.


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Re: Chase Amazon again

I was able to freely move the CL (in excess of $20K) from closing my UA Explorer to my CSP.  They seemed to have no issues and were more than happy to do it. The only condition was that I had to leave $500 on the closed UA card.


I'm not sure if this applies to the Chase Amazon, or if it's only something they can accomodate with certain brands.

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Re: Chase Amazon again

Guess I should have searched!  From Oct 2012 here:


10-25-2012 02:51 PM

I just moved some of the limit from my Chase Amazon Visa to my Slate last night. It was a simple process, just a phone call. I would have had to leave a minimum limit of $500 on the Amazon in order to keep it open, which wasn't an issue, since I was leaving more than that.

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Re: Chase Amazon again

Just reconfirming - when I opened my CSP in January I asked to move $1k from my Amazon to CSP (to make it 2k / 6k instead of 3k / 5k) - it was easily accomodated.

So, YES, you can freely move CL from Chase Amazon at least to CSP (most likely to other cards as well)

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