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Chase BP Visa

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Re: Chase BP Visa

Just got approved for my BP VISA CARD I am very happy the Rewards are not that great but it will work with the gas prices haha. 









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Re: Chase BP Visa

Personally I've found that gas is usually cheaper when you use cash...


EDIT: I think either the PenFed card or Sallie Mae card is proly better? (Note they both have a limit - Sallie Mae @ $500/mo spend, PenFed something like $50K/yr)

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Re: Chase BP Visa

jsucool76 wrote:

I'm gonna go with no. 


I Was just reading about it online, and apparently, all the rewards you earn only apply to one fill up, so if you get like a $0.30/gallon rebate, you use it once, and then you start all over again. You choose when to use it at the pump, it wil ask you whether or not you want to use your rebates, and it's only good for up to 20 gallons. 



The rewards program on this product is very limited at best.  For someone who exclusively uses BP, has a decent commuting distance and charges everything on this card, may be worth it.

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Re: Chase BP Visa

Does the card come with a free oil spill?

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Re: Chase BP Visa

Duncanrr wrote:
Does the card come with a free oil spill?

I believe it does (limited to 1).  Not sure on the clean up terms/conditions or if any discounts apply.  You must live in the Gulf/East/West coast to qualify - preferably near the beach for best results.

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Re: Chase BP Visa

This card used to be fantastic: 5% on BP gas, 2% on travel and dining, 1% everything else. They gutted the rewards program a couple years back and replaced it with a very confusing one.

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Re: Chase BP Visa

Thread revival :

@mariachi:the cash prices for gas also apply when you use that companies credit card.

IE 3.99/gallon with a credit card, but 3.85/gallon with cash or a BP card at a BP station. Usually applies to most gas stations with their respective cards from what I've seen.
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