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Chase Balance Transfer Offers

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Chase Balance Transfer Offers

I have 4 accounts with Chase, including one business card. It appears that the balance transfer link is available, but at the current interest rate on the account and a 5% transfer rate. This is the 1st time I saw 5% transfer rate, besides Discover.

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Re: Chase Balance Transfer Offers

itsjustmeibe, I get a headache reading the balance transfer offers from Chase.  It's like "Here's your offer",  and minutes later, it's like "No,'s your offer", and then minutes later, it's like "Umm, no...what we meant your offer was is this...", which is then followed by another ridiculous offer with newly included restrictions, such as "These terms apply to all previous offers"...which is a great trick if you've already accepted one of those previous offers with specifically detailed terms.


They can't seem to make up their minds if they actually want to lend money or not, or what the terms are.


I think I'll send the execs at Chase a gift certificate to a Chinese restaurant...maybe they'll all starve to death while they try to make up their minds what to order...Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Chase Balance Transfer Offers

I've had Chase for about 4 years and I did a balance transfer about a year ago for $3K.  Not a day later they jacked the rate from 8.99% to 15.99% (the balance transfer rate stayed the same), but then told me to close my card if I didn't like it.  Of course, while my balance was now $5K/$7K.


I've paid off the entire balance recently and it's going in a drawer because they now just lowered my credit limit from $7K to $4.3K.  I'd say Chase and Juniper are my least favorite to do business with!

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