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Chase Blink Offer

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Chase Blink Offer

Hey All,


Did anyone else get a Chase Freedom Card "Blink" Rewards offer?  After signing up on a website I can use our cards with the blink feature to spend our rewards points just like debit transaction.  I guess the idea is, say I have $50 in reward points, if I use the blink feature of the card at McDonalds, the charge gets posted to the credit card like normal, but there is also a transfer of an equal number of reward point to the account to balanace it out.  Earn the points shopping at one store, spend them at another store.  No waiting for a check to be cut.


It sounds simple, but I'm not sure I like it.  I like getting the $250 check for just $200 worth of points.  Also, the $250 goes directly into savings.  Not only would I get less rewards, I'd be much more likely to spend them then save them.


I'd be especially interested to hear back from someone who gives this a try.




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