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Chase CLI

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Re: Chase CLI

What is your APR on the card Fretless, if you dont mind me asking??
I would really like to purchase a new Millineum Falcon with my WAMU (oops Chase card)!!!! But first I need a decent credit limit.
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Re: Chase CLI

sooo tempting. Chase is my number one card and I would like ot have a higher limit. If they like to see little to none then are they a PIF card? I hope all my zero balances hit my credit reports in the next few weeks then I will try to hit the LOVE button too!
6/9/08 FICO TU 697 EX698 EQ 618uti 6% (once new accounts hit) BIZ- DUNS 80, EX 35
GOAL 2008- 700s+ new car
2010 BE a first time buyer
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