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Chase Card - Account Closed!

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Chase Card - Account Closed!

So... since I've opened my Chase account, from day one I wasn't thrilled with how they handled my account.  When I originally opened it, the goal was to perform a balance transfer of $1000.  Instead of what I originally wanted, they opened up a card with a credit limit of $400 and transferred $200 over.  After paying the $200 the following month as not to kill my utilization on the card, it remained mostly idle for 2 years (using it here and there to keep the card active). 


My other cards were receiving CLIs periodically when Chase remained at a strong $400.  After 2 years and not feeling a credit inquiry was worth it, I finally just cancelled the card.  This will not hurt my current credit score seeing as I currently have $34 / $8550 utilized. 


The strange thing though is it was the fastest account close I've ever had.  They didn't even try to retain me as a customer.  Oh well.

EQ (11/16/2007): 573

Starting Score (1/1/2010): EQ: 712 -- TU: 726
Current Score: EQ: 748 (12/22/11) -- TU: 726 (1/7/10) -- TU04: 701 (1/27/10) -- EX: 747 (1/27/10) (LO)
Goal Score: EQ: 760

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