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Chase Denial - Need Your Help


Re: Chase Denial - Need Your Help

@dodgerslv wrote:

@jeffrey_MBP wrote:

Call the credit analyst and be completely honest with them. If you have a good income, you shouldn't have any trouble winning a recon. 

+1. definitely call them and good luck!



Especially since it's been paid.  You will need to leverage other positive factors (history, income, etc.) in order to see if they can overturn the decision.  Of course, YEMV.

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Re: Chase Denial - Need Your Help

I had a former Chase (actually Providian) account years ago that hasn't been on my CRs but Chase denied me for the Freedom, CSP and the United.  I did a recon with all 3 and now have all 3.  Just call them.  If one rep isn't having a good day, just call back. 

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Re: Chase Denial - Need Your Help

@ clock tick- That's good to know, had a old Provident account too.  I will keep this in mind if I ever decide to get a chase cc.   


OP keep us posted and GL. 

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Re: Chase Denial - Need Your Help

Good luck with the recon, and I'll reiterate what others have said that your results can definitely depend on the analyst you speak to, and you shouldn't be discouraged if you aren't successful the first time calling.  The first analyst I spoke to was very adamant that I did not meet Chase's criteria and that I should reapply after I cleaned up a few things on my CR.  The next rep I spoke to was very open to listening to my explanations and my honesty and approved me.  

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