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Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

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Re: Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

@Remedios wrote:

@Thefinancehobbyist wrote:

I didn't even have to manually add any cards other than US Bank, but US Bank is weird. 

Literally seconds ago just added my USB Altitude GO card to my iPhone Apple Pay and thought that's weird I have to CALL! Thought it was because it's 2350hrs PST and bank batching is happening or something stupid. Guess it's just USB being USB, good to know!


Tried adding on Apple Watch and POOF gotta CALL again lol.

Nah, that's US Bank lol 

Gotta have that extra step 


I just upgraded my iPhone, moved all the wallet cards from the old phone to the new phone by copying the existing Wallet, including US Bank Altitude Reserve, with only entering the CVV code necessary to activate. No call to US Bank required. No change of my phone number, but I haven't had to call a bank to set up a card on my Apple Wallet in years. Last time I think it was to Harris Bank for Diners Club Premier. Even that is now automated authorization, no phone call required.

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Re: Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

For whatever reason, my Chase online banking didn't have a phone number listed at all. I'm wondering just what the heck is going on with my stuff, because I don't see any fraudulent transactions but my contact info was gone. Also, it's been a long weekend with this nonsense occurring.

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Re: Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

@ThriftySaver  The short answer is yes.  There has be layer of validation for security purposes.  That the cardholder and the cell phone number  belong to the same account holder.  In addition, is the account number that user just entered a valid account number.

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Re: Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

@Credit12Fico wrote:

Unless you were behaving like an undesirable customer, you have nothing to worry about Smiley Happy

Shame, all too often what one believes is undesirable customer behavior is not at all in line with what the card issuer sees as such. 

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Re: Chase Fraud Flagging - Concern for closure?

For the sake of closure, Fraud Operations finally contacted me today. I had a combination of factors that triggered review. One, I had a bunch of transactions at a merchant outside my Zip Code; two, the aforementioned adding all my card to a new device; and three, a weird lack of identifying information on my Chase profile (even though I've had products for years now?).

Was I unnecessarily freaking out? Perhaps, but I'm just relieved that everything resolved. Lesson learned though, maybe tell them if I'm going to be out of town...and do one potentially suspicious action at a time >_<

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