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Chase Freedom App question

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

It's a approval, welcome to chase..



The same thing happened to me I faxed my info in and called them for 2 weeks and just this past monday 04/08 I was approved and they rushed the card to me and it should be here today/tomorrow. ( I also was denied 2x in the past by Chase )

24 years old..

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

       Ya. Well basically I have had to beg and plead these people for my first prime cards. I begged and pleaded with Discover to get the It card. I know my scores are at the very lower limit of what they are willing to accept for scores and same for Chase. I figure though if I can beg and plead and somehow convince them to give me the cards now instead of later, then they can start aging now and so can the inquiries and I can just chill in the garden after that. I don't really "need" credit for any expressed purpose right now so I was willing to sacrifice inquires now so that is is done with for the most part. Both Chase and the Discover I had to recon and I had to come up with a good case for why they should extend me credit and I was basically honest with  both of them explaining my baddie and how I am rebuilding and how I have educated myself online on the forums. I have been rejected before by Chase this year and I tried for an Amex Green yesterday and was rejected. My Exp report only had 2 inquires so I figured I would give it a shot. It took about 2 second for Amex to reject me lol. It will be interesting to see if I get a real Fico score from Ex with Amex rejection letter...

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

I think you are screwed....


Just kidding.  Sounds like address would be a last concern before approval.  I hope you get it.  Looks like by your sig, we would be in the garden with the same four cards (except my wally is not discover).


By the way, they pulled from TU for me which was my highest score.

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

Good luck to you dddewdrop!!!!!

Sounds like an approval to me!!

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

 My wally isnt a discover either. I have the wrong picture up. I got discover yest for sure and hopefully chase. I had to make my case to the recon people for both.... Pleading my way to prime cards lol.....

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

 Thanks for everyone's support and well wishing...

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

     Ok so like 4 days ago I faxed Chase the information they requested which was a copy of my driver's license with my residential address on it. I called them today and they said that the info had not made it from their correspondance department to the credit analyst yet. I am going to go back and refax it because I figure it couldn't hurt. I am taking a tone with them that I am basically in the process of being approved until told otherwise. I told them I would call back in a few days.  Several people who responded on this thread who has a similar experience and were indeed approved responded and I am wondering what sort of time frame I should be looking at and I am wondering if I should be doing anything else to advocate for myself or if the best thing for me to do is to just wait. I know I am at the bottom of the fico score range to be approved and I suspect that I just have to get my application in front of the right credit analysis. My application has a status of pending now and the analyst I talked to on the phone wasn't willing to say anything on the record confirming or denying that I have been approved and I feel that i shouldn't be pushing them too hard at this point. Any advice or similar experiences that may be helpful would be welcomed.  Thanks. I have my fingers and toes crossed. This recon stuff and talking a good game worked for Discover and I am optimistic it will work here as well. After all I am a good candidate and will be a good customer for them as I am not looking to go into credit card debt and I don't plan on abusing my card in any way....

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

dddewdrop wrote:

. After all I am a good candidate and will be a good customer for them as I am not looking to go into credit card debt and I don't plan on abusing my card in any way....

I'm sure that's true, but how many people tell potential issuers "Well, I'm going to abuse the heck out of your card, grab all the bonuses I can, and then default"?  So as an argument, I don't think it should carry much weight!

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

      True true. I am just trying to be sure I have a positive friendly attitude when I am interacting with people on the phone. Believe it or not smiling while talking on the phone     

can help change how you come across to the person at the other end of the line. In response to what you said, of course everyone will say that sort of thing but from dealing with people in my job as a person in a service industry it is always surprising to me how many people I come in contact with who present themselves in not a very good way. They act either self righteous or condescending or confused or self centered and treating someone with kindness and cheerfulness can make all the difference. When I am treated well by customers in my job I am certainly willing to go to bat for them and I suspect there is a similar dynamic at work in this industry as well. 

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Re: Chase Freedom App question

Don't worry I got approved with only 4 months credit history and only two credit cards (cap 1 CL 1800 4 months) and city thankyou (1000$ 15 days)

Your credit history is much better than me

Good luck

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