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Chase Freedom - Blacklist after CO

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Chase Freedom - Blacklist after CO

Hi Everyone,



I am writing this more for informational purposes for anyone who may be in my situation. I've had a Chase Freedom on my wishlist for a long time.... but I was always concerned that I was blacklisted. I never BK'd them nor defaulted on Chase.... Here is my story:


Back in 05' I lost my job and defaulted on 7 CCs, one which was Providian.... That charge off was paid off but to a CA. Ofcourse, Providian was purchased by WaMu then purchased by Chase. The last couple of years it's been reporting as Chase on CR..... This always worried me that I would not be able to qualify.



I finally pulled the trigger, with a ~730 or higher EX score. All the COs and CAs had aged off, but I did get the 7-10day message. I did not wait, call the backdoor number right away and was told that the application needed further review.



After 5-10 minute conversation, in which I was asked about Employment, Income, Identity identication questions, and of course what happened with the Chase account I defaulted on.... I explained the whole situation and let the nice lady know that I was in much better financial situation, that I had never truly had a Chase CC...  She put me on hold and then came back with an approval and a $1500 limit. I was so happy to finally get a chance with Chase... I know they are a HP for every CLI, but at least they will grow with me, unlike other CCC.



So if you're out there and read this, hope this information helps out.

Fico Scores: TU 700 (10/12/2016) EQ 729 (10/01/2016) EX 713 (10/01/16)

AMEX BCP $25,000 (opened 09/2012) - Citi TYP $12,000 (opened 12/2012) Chase Sapphire Preffered $6000 (opened 09/2012)
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