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Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Funk-O-Meter wrote:

Decided to join the gardening club yesterday after apping for cards and car shopping but tried for a CLI for my Chase Freedom as my last act before picking up the trowel. I was declined. I'd never tried for a RECON before so just now I figured I had nothing to loose and I'd already wasted a hard pull so I called the backdoor RECON number and the CSR approved me for a 3X CLI to 3K in 10 minutes! I like Chase. A far cry from Orchard/C1 I just kicked to the curb.


Sweet sweet success..


The more I play the credit game the more It intrigues me and the more fun it becomes. And I haven't even started collecting airline miles yet Smiley Happy



I like what i'm seeing about Chase as far as CLI's go. Thinking about going for it beginning of the year.


EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Congrats on the CLI. Just got my Freedom last month... loving it. Can't wait to get to where you're at. Cheers. 

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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Funk-O-Meter wrote:

Imua what's your secret to low APR's? Is your score around > 750?


Is there every a chance a CSR could ever lower an APR?


My chase was my first prime card so I understand why I got the highest APR in the range. Before that I just had an $500CL Orchard starter which irronically had the lowest APR I've had at 17%


Regardless of the APR I like to PIF. over the last 3 years I've paid less then $30 in interest over all my cards and that's from running them up on vacation.



i pulled myFICO scores the day after my BofA BankAmericard was approved - TU=777 , EQ=793.   My quarterly scores form BofA Privacy Assist arrived the next day, and those scores were close to the FICO scores - TU=798 , EQ= 793, and EX=780.  (I pulled the real FICO scores at that time knowing my Privacy Assist scores were coming soon because i wanted to see how close those were to the 'real' FICO scores). 


I have worked very hard to rebuild my credit over the past several years!.  Like you, I PIF all of my cards every month regardless of the APR... but it's nice to know if I HAD to carry a balance for a month or two, I would probably carry it on my lower interest Chase Freedom.  When I started my re-building journey, I vowed to NOT apply for any cards with an AF and I wasn't concerned what my interest rate would be because I vowed to always PIF.


I don't know if CSRs have authority to lower APRs.... maybe someone else can answer that Smiley Happy




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myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Nice work! Chase can be tricky with CLI requests.

What are the benes of Chase Freedom, for the robustness of the thread, weariness to search at this hour begs the question too, lol, have a CSP but may try to PC after free year.

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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

What is the number you call?

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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

Benes on the Freedom are mainly the points. 5% in select catagores. 1% on everything. Also, you can transfer your points to the Saffire Prefered and then out to miles or whatever.

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Re: Chase Freedom CLI RECON success!

number is up in the stickied thread about backdoor numbers

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