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Chase Freedom Changes?


Chase Freedom Changes?

I recieved in the mail that they were "upgrading" my chase freedom card. Wel kinda. Apparently 5% back cash quarterly for different categories. The fine print notes a

Quarterly enrollment required and most irksome of all is that i will no longer get a check for 250 when I get 200 in rewards. This is by far the worst change for the card. I called them and asked them not to changed, ya that didnt work. He bascially told me if I dont sign up my card will just be a 1% back cash only come next quarter. A little pod I mentioned ive paid in full for the years ive had the card and the american express would probably like my business more, lol that really didnt work. I figured I wouldnt have much luck but anyone else have ideas so they dont change my card, 1% are a dime a dozen loved the 3% grocery/gas/fast food and 250/200 part.

5/08 EQ 696.....9/13 EQ 796.....9/17 EX 824, EQ 843
Amex Blue Cash 15K || PenFed Cash Rewards 18K || Chase Freedom 12K || Cap1 Quicksilver 15K || Amazon Prime 3.8K || Citi Double Cash 10.8K
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