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Chase Freedom Platinum

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

I never received email regarding this.... Is this for a selected few?
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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

Congrats! Free upgrade and hopefully some good benefits Smiley Wink

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

Everyone will eventually receive the email regarding the change to benefits. If you visit the sign up page for the CSP you will notice they recently added the extra protections onto the description. I received the CSP notification a couple of weeks ago and funny enough the Slate is also receving the purchase protection treatment. 

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

good to know thanks for the info

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

thought just wanna share it out

my business MC got the same email

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

Interesting ... got the same thing for my Chase Business Ink Visa Freedom Cash Rewards Card. Glad this thread was started. Had my account since 2006. My rewards are way better than what they are offering today.
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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

I got this awhile back for my freedom and I only had it for a few months. I have to read the details, but it looks like I may be able to start using my freedom card for rentals depending on the terms of the cdw. 

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

If you have the non-signature Visa, then it is classified as Platinum to my understanding. They have added some features to make the gap between Platinum and Signature not so "Night and Day." I got the brochure back in August and it looked like this:


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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

sccredit wrote:

Interesting.  Says "Chase Freedom Visa Platinum" right on the front.  I hadn't even looked at it yet.  Did eveyone get the Platinum one?

i rec'd the email on aug 13th re the enhaced benefits.

my chase freedom is a MC, so my guide booklet says "chase MC platinum "


my chase freedom  card has never indicated "platinum" on the card - just chase freedom MC.

i just looked at my initial guide to benefits (sent by mail in 2009 when i opened the card), and the booklet states "standard MC gold/platinum guide to benefits", so i guess i had the platinum version from the get go?.  my initial CL in 2009 was $4.6k.  several months ago i requested and was given a CLI to $10k.  wonder if the CL is what makes it gold vs platinum?


in any case, i'm glad to have the enhanced benefits on this card!!!!!!!!!!  (basically matches the visa siggy benefits that i have with BofA and with Cap1)

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Re: Chase Freedom Platinum

No email for me for my Chase Freedom....

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