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Chase Freedom Travel Prices - Are They The Lowest?

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Chase Freedom Travel Prices - Are They The Lowest?

Do you get the same flight selections and exact same fares when you purchase airline tickets through Chase's Travel portal as you do directly from the other travel sites (Expedia, etc) and airlines directly?  Or is the itineraries limited by Chase and/or there are small increases in price or fees?

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Re: Chase Freedom Travel Prices - Are They The Lowest?

While there will be the occasional sale or mistake fare (or Insider Fares on Amex Travel) on any given OTA (Online Travel Agency, which is Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, etc. and all of the various travel portals from lenders), the pricing should be identical between OTAs and the airline itself for the same flights in the same fare class.  Any differences in search results can usually be attributed to whether the base fare or full price is being shown, although this discrepancy is far more common with hotels.


For creative routing (padding BIS miles, mileage runs) your options may be a bit more limited with an OTA as the average consumer would absolutely never choose to have layovers in Seattle, LA, and Miami when flying from DC to NYC if the pricing is the same.  But for run of the mill flights, yes your direct DCA to LGA flight will almost certainly be available when booking through an OTA.


Chase Travel IS Expedia (since 2018), although they recently purchased cxLoyalty so it is likely they will be changing it at some point.

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