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Chase Freedom - Visa or MC

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Re: Chase Freedom - Visa or MC

I will be putting little through it now that I got my AMEX. The BCP will definately be my primary card with the freedom being second, or first on rotating categories.

I do need a solid third with no AF for rotating in ones in a while. I will probably wait till my cards report then go for the US Cash+ by the end of the year and I'll be happy. I'll probably stay in the garden for a long time.
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Re: Chase Freedom - Visa or MC

irving_magik wrote:
Against good sound advice that I got here, I just applied..... I couldn't wait for some reason. I've been working hard to repair my credit and being approved for the BCP, I went for it.

Just got approved, $1500. Not too bad, I probably would have gotten a higher limit when my BCP reported, but oh well. I'm happy to finally get a Freedom.

That's higher than either of my Cap1 cards and I'm sure it will grow faster than Cap1



You may have been declined with AMEX showing because of new account....


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