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Chase Freedom: Visa or MC?

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Re: Chase Freedom: Visa or MC?

Aoi wrote:

Called Chase Customer Service twice, the first one said, they will check with the underwriting dept? see if it can be done. Called again today, and the rep told me that they don't change visas to mastercards anymore.


Any ideas?





My case;

I had a Chase Starbucks Duetto Visa and Chase Freedom MC.

One day, they changed my Freedom MC to World, then they changed report from my CL to highest balance on this acct.

After the program is expired with Starbucks, they changed it to Chase Freedom VISA, and they still reporting my CL.

I've asked to marge these two ccs, and their answer was of cause "No".  Because it is two different acct with two different APR/Terms & Conditions etc.

Now, I have two Chase Freedom ccs with Ultimate Rewards program.

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.
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