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Chase Freedom/Zync Success


Chase Freedom/Zync Success

Hey guys, just wanted to report on my Freedom/Zync Applications today. I have a relatively thin file, with only about 1 year AAoA with my Discover and an auto loan. I have some student loans and two AU accounts that give me a bit of a boost as well (2yr 10 month AAoA w/ those factored in). I have no negative info on my report. Really nothing other than the Discover and my loans. Only 1 or 2 inqs per report. My most recent EQ Fico from this site was 703.


Approved for Freedom with a $4000 limit.


Approved for Zync NPSL.


I've seen reports that lending standards are loosening at some of the larger banks. Perhaps this is a little anecodtal proof of that?


Anyway, thanks for all the great insight you guys have to offer!


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Re: Chase Freedom/Zync Success


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Re: Chase Freedom/Zync Success

In fairness, a 700 EQ Beacon 5.0 score, if your EX report looks anywhere similar, will get you approved for either of the two cards you list.  You can get approved for a Zync with six months clean sheet, and I suspect the Freedom is less than a year now too from people's results, though whether it's six months or not isn't known.


The CL on the Freedom is the only surprising part, but if  your other card is similar or perhaps your AU limits boosted it, it's not a huge suprise.  Congrats regardless though!

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Re: Chase Freedom/Zync Success

Good points! Thanks for the reply.


To clarify, when I say "about a year," what I mean is 7 statements on my Discover and 7 months reporting on my auto loan. Wasn't too much of a surprise with the Zync, but given my 1500 limit on Discover, I was pretty surprised by the initial CL on the Freedom.


For what it's worth, I'm an AU on a Chase Continental Card with a 25k CL and perfect history (and its my father's, so I hoped it wouldnt be discounted as piggybacking), which is the only reason I can think of for Chase to be so generous. I expected to be approved, if only because the only thing working against me is time, but I didn't expect them to match or even exceed my only other CL.

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Re: Chase Freedom/Zync Success

GAAAH I'm so jealous!!


I have the Chase Freedom but I made the stupid mistake of applying for the BCE before the Zync... So now I can't apply until 20 more days. Even then with about 6 inquiries on my account (cellphone, banks, other CCs) I don't think they'll be giving me a NPSL anytime soon.


*sigh* But definitely congrats! Those are the two cards I'm really aiming for by this year.

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Re: Chase Freedom/Zync Success

I also apped(denied) for AMEX BCE in MArch before i apped for Zync in April. I was denied for Freedom back in March. I had 7 months credit history at that time. i had 4 lines ranging from 600 to 1400. 


Maybe it was just bad timing to go for the freedom just a little bit before they lowered the standards. But then again, i might've been stuck with a rinky dink 500 limit card for the next year or so if i had gotten it then. Worked out now since i got a Freedom and Sapphire same day 8K combined limit.


Zync you're almost guaranteed NPSL with a clean report and a decent score of 660s or better.

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