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Chase Freedom and Cap One QS

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Chase Freedom and Cap One QS

So I know I have two cash back cards.  Ultimately I want to get the CSP and pair that with Freedom, but I am wondering if maybe changing to the Freedom Unlimited is a better idea and get rid of the QS entirely.


Had both Freedom and QS for about 6 months now.  Freedom has 2.5k limit and QS just recently bumped up to 5k.  My APR on Freedom is better then QS too I am just ocncerned about dropping a 5k limit on my report.



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Re: Chase Freedom and Cap One QS

What's your current util %? If these are your only cards, you might need that QS to be able keep it low.

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Re: Chase Freedom and Cap One QS

You can PC your Freedom to the FU and still keep the QS. Cap1 grows faster for me compared to my Freedom, which has been stuck at the same limit for over a year. It's up to you though.

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Re: Chase Freedom and Cap One QS

They are both no AFs cards, it's not unheard of to have both in your wallet. Both are usable cards and QS will grow a lot faster than Chase in terms of CLIs. But good luck deciding.
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