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Chase Freedom approved

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Re: Chase Freedom approved

Doesnt having too many new accounts scare your current lenders upon applying? Causing them to close your accounts and or lower limits?

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Re: Chase Freedom approved

Some are bothered (see "Barclays" Smiley Very Happy); others are not.


I'd strongly recommend that anyone on an extended app spree make all their accounts but one report $0 so that the other lenders won't think that you're running up bills that you have no intention of paying.

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Re: Chase Freedom approved

Hi Mindacid, I see that in a year you have drastically improved your credit score. Can you tell me the cards you have applied for? I recently was approved for a Capital One with $1000 CL, but I need at least two more. Thanks and good luck on your 760 goal, your almost there. Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom approved

RyVision wrote:

johnnie198x wrote:

Hi OP, I know you mentioned the card would report limit, but could you confirm that after having the card for a few months? Thanks.

If you're asking about the Chase Freedom Visa,  since the first month it has always reported the limit for us, on both reports Primary and AU's.  Are you thinking of the Freedom Signature Visa? That may not report the credit limit as I think it's considered a flexible limit card (like BankAmericard Plat Signature Visa, it only reports "flexible" or "blank" in the CL line).


From all I've read, when anyone's mentioned it reporting the CL, Chase Freedom Visa (NON Signature) always reported their CL for them.

No, my card is non-signature (I asked via online banking message), but it comes with rental car collision damage waiver. EQ scorewatch gave me an alert of new account:

Date Opened:09/01/11
Date Reported:10/01/11
Credit Limit:N/A
Balance: $2,483
Comments:Credit card , Amount in H/C column is credit limit


Has anyone else been in this situation?

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