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Chase Freedom/signature/plus

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Chase Freedom/signature/plus

I think my eyes will rupture and bleed over this silly thing.


I was "preapproved" for a Chase Visa Classic, Chase Freedom, OR Chase Freedom Plus card according to a bank teller last week. My choice. Since the reward program is so good, and since the Freedom Plus offered NO LIMIT on the bonus points, I opted for that one, even with the $30 annual fee. I'll make that back and more by using this card until it smokes and PIF each month.


So, the card comes in, it does NOT say "Plus" but it DOES say that it's a Visa Signature. Now, my husband travels a LOT and this card comes with an enormous travel insurance benefit, so I think I'll switch him over to this card for his company travel. I don't care about the CRA reporting---I'll max this and PIF if necessary.


My only remaining question is:  Does the Signature version limit the amount of bonus points you can earn? The information that came with the card seems to IMPLY that there is no limit, but it doesn't outright STATE that. I suppose I could call 3 or 4 different CSRs, but you guys always seem to have the best answers here.


So: Anyone who KNOWS whether the Visa Signature Freedom card has a limit on bonus points or not, please chime in.



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Re: Chase Freedom/signature/plus

There are no caps on the cash/points you can earn. There are no expiration dates.


There is just the fact alot of people don't like chase siggy cards since they don't report a CL to the CRA's. There are many threads on that if you do a search.

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