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Chase Freeom CLI

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Re: Chase Freeom CLI

FretlessMayhem wrote:

Timothy wrote:
Dang freetless -

Has Amex CLD'ed you yet?

I haven't gotten any AA from Amex apart from the initial FR from opening multiple accounts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to like me.

If they do CLD me, I'm going to close both my Clear and Blue and keep the Platinum. It has all the purchase protections I've come to love and enjoy, aside from any worry of AA.

Hi Fretless:

Took your lead and called Chase for CLI on card opened in May '08. Result instant approval for $5k CLI, so went from $10k to $15k. Decided to give JFCU a call (opened April '08). 2hrs later got a call from the same loan officer that intially approved my account. Whooo hooo - hit the jackpot - went from 10k to 25k. Love the CU's.  I will start a new string for all the Justice folks!
Thanks for giving me the guts to go for more!!!
For the record - if amex should ever FR me; I will give them the boot!! They used to be my highest CL, but not anymore!! Citi, BOA, US Bank and now Justice have all pulled ahead!!! Who needs amex when you have "friends"!
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