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Chase Has Dropped My Interest Rate By 7.75%?

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Chase Has Dropped My Interest Rate By 7.75%?

At first I though I was seeing things.

I have had a WAMUChase card since 11/2007. At the start my limit was $4000 and interest was 16.99%. When Chase took over WAMU they raised my interest to 20.24% and chopped my limit in half to $2000. I called to complain and they reinstated my limit back to $4000 but my interest remained at 20.24%.

Fast forward to March 2011. Statement showed interest as 20.24%. Now April's statement closed on the 12th shows 12.49%!

I hope this is not temporary and lasts. I was reading that compared to the last three years people are making their payments and making them on time.

Now if I could just get Chase to give me a cli I would be grateful. =)

Has anyone else seen their interest drop from Chase and by how much?


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Re: Chase Has Dropped My Interest Rate By 7.75%?

That's encouraging to hear.  I was a WAMU customer as well, and got my rate jacked by Chase during the "merger".  I've tried on numerous occasions to get my rates reduced to no avail.  Even though I've never carried a balance with them, I refuse to use their card out of principle, and it lives in my desk drawer collecting dust.  I have a $10.95 recurring charge that is auto-paid every month just to keep it active.  It's an old account that i'd rather not close.      

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Re: Chase Has Dropped My Interest Rate By 7.75%?

I've had a BP Chase card for a while, and I think the highest my interest rate was was around 20%...I then saw it drop to 15, then 12, 9.99, and 9.24 is where it is now.  It seemed like every time I checked or called about something else, my rate would drop.  Not requested, not mentioned, not notified, just dropped for no apparent reason. 


Well, *one* of those times, I had gotten a notice about a default rate being 29.99% and I DID call and say that if it was going up to that rate that I would have to close the card and pay it off.  I was assured that that would be only if I defaulted, which I hadn't.  That was when I was at 15% and it was down to 12% by the time I checked the next month. 


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Re: Chase Has Dropped My Interest Rate By 7.75%?

I have 2 cards with Chase.

1. 7.9%, opened in 08

2. 9.9%, opened in 02, now 13.9%


Lol, they raised my 2nd card which is the oldest with them. Makes no sense. Called to complained and they pretty much stated they can't do anything about it.


BTW...congrats on your lower APR. I just had to vent. Haha.

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