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Re: Chase Has Got ALOOOOOTTTTTA Data

This thread is beginning to go beyond opinions (always welcome) to personal attacks.


Let's dial back the rhetoric a bit please.

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Re: Chase Has Got ALOOOOOTTTTTA Data

At the time it wasn't "Chase" that was owed the money. They bought the account data due to mergers and aquisition. Plus I'm sure that the valuation of the actual CO accounts was properly adjusted to 0.


The CO''s were also paid and settled and the one left on the CR actually say "Paid As Agreed" because all the accounts had been paid.


The point of the thread is that if you have done the hard cleanup work, and you have made restitutions for prior financial situations, you will be judged by the CCCs for relationships that you had even prior to them directly.


So if you did bring your scores up to 700+ and you worked to do PFD, GWs and the like but you are still wondering why you just can't get a CLI, why your app is "under reveiw" or credit lines continue to stay low, this may be the reason why? 


If you don't know about reconsiderations, what to say and haven't done what it takes to be prepared to be successful, you could wind up never getting credit and having no plausible idea of why!



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Re: Chase Has Got ALOOOOOTTTTTA Data

You're welcome to believe whatever you like about me CreditCrusader, but as I have said mulitple times now, my point was not to be judging or condescending, it was to highlight the ridiculous nature of hating a company, that you burned, for not doing something they don't have to. That's all.


I'm fully aware that people fall on hard times (I've been through them myself) for reasons completely beyond their control, but I'm also a realist. If I have to choose between feeding my family and paying a credit card bill, of course I'll choose the former. I will not, however, hold it against the CCC if they no longer want to do business with me when I stop paying my bills.

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