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Chase ID Protection: Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack

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Chase ID Protection: Almost Gave Me a Heart Attack

Last week I applied for 4 cards and was approved.  I immediately noticed the inquiries appearing on my EQ report via Chase ID Protection.  The next day I received the standard account alert from Chase for the 4 new inquiries.


Today, 5 days later, Chase sends me another new account alert for 8 more inquiries.  Needless to say I was worried so I rushed over to the website to see what was going on.  However, this alert didn't list the banks that pulled my report, but only their address -- and each one twice.  From the addresses I was able to figure out that it was the same 4 banks that I applied with a few days ago, but I was still in shock: Why would they pull a second time? And a third time?


So, I immediately went to buy my Equifax report directly from EQ.  There are only the original 4 inquiries listed from a few days ago.


Apparently Chase ID Protection sends you an alert when the initial inquiries hit, but only reports the creditors' names and not addresses.  Then, after several days, when the addresses hit the system Chase sends you yet another alert plus a repeat of the first alert.





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