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Chase Palladium how can apply ??

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Re: Chase Palladium how can apply ??

enharu wrote:

Haha I understand what you mean! People in LA are a lot more materialistic though, at least from what I've seen. Drive a 100+ k car, wear a 20+k watch, and people would literally fawn over you in LA, especially in a club. Most people in bay area are not as materialistic, and tend not to spend as much money on material spendings, which I think is partly due to their job culture. You don't really see engineers driving ferraris that often. People in bay area do think they're "cooler" and more "advanced" though, especially when it comes to the environmental bs.

From what I've seen, there's a different kind of materialism in SF.  From culture, the arts, and fine dining, I sense people in the Bay Area feel as if they have a higher sense of refinement than those in LA.  This translates to materialism.  For instance, in LA, the affluent person may go for an ostentatious Rolex, while his counterpart in SF may prefer Patek Phillipe or a Lange & Sohne.  Or, in LA, fine suits are Armani or Gucci with Ferragamos, while in SF it's bench tailoring, or classic A&S bespoke with Edward Green/John Lobbs.


When it comes to a combination of style and refinement, there are a few places in SF which has no peer, in my view.  The fine dining, Napa valley, Wilkes Bashford, and the arts, namely Davies and the War Memorial Opera house.  


The old wealth in SF is certainly more reserved, but their material possessions are every bit as "expensive" even if not as flashy as those in LA, and are always the highest quality money can buy.


Of course, nothing is perfect, the City also has 3 color coded trash cans where one can be fined if found throwing the wrong kind of trash into the wrong color trash bin. After all this time, I still can't get it straight what goes where.


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Re: Chase Palladium how can apply ??

@crashem, how do you like the tesla? I've been interested in getting one for some time now, but it just wasn't feasible since I was renting. I'm definitely going to look into this once my escrow closes. Just waiting for the certificate of occupancy to be issued now.

@open, you pretty much explained every detail correctly! I guess each city has its good and bad. Personally I'm not a big fan of being flashy or judging one by appearances, though I'm guilty of it as well, simply because its how it is over here. Personally for me the Bay Area is a nice place to spend a holiday at, but a pretty boring place to stay long term. As I get older, I probably will end up liking the lifestyle in NorCal more than SoCal.
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Re: Chase Palladium how can apply ??

Locking thread as it has veered past original topic and into Smorgas Bored territory.

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