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Chase Payment Policy

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Re: Chase Payment Policy

I fail to see a reason why someone would need to make a payment within 3 days, I have also heard of some people almost literally using a credit card like a debit card. They make a charge, then immediately go pay that single charge off. To me that is too excessive and unnessecary.


Really it is a waste of time and effort to be constantly paying a card every few days. Since my credit limits are high enough to where my monthly charges keep me at a decent util % I just let the balance report and pay the statement in full.


Only reason I can think of to make multiple monthly payments and I have done this before with my capital one 500 CL card is when the amount you charge per month is greater than your credit limit and you need to make a payment to keep from going over your limit or reporting an extremely high util, but if you have sufficient credit limits there is no need to make an excessive amount of payments and I have heard in some cases that triggers some sort of account review.

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Re: Chase Payment Policy

And if you have a csp then we know the limit is 5k or better. What Is the point of having a credit card if you are not going to use their money for 30 days?
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Re: Chase Payment Policy

trumpet-205 wrote:

thom02099 wrote:

Received my Chase Sapphire Preferred card a while back, and have been running up charges, well on my way to getting the "spend $3k in 3 months" reward or 40,000 points.  And as I've charged, I've also been paying.  Usually like to pay shortly after I charge something, so I can be done with it.  Imagine my surprise then, when I went to make a payment and received a message from Chase that, I'd made a recent payment and had to choose a date that was 3 days beyond the most recent payment date.  Why would they have a policy like that?  If I want to make a payment daily, or whenever, why should they place a restriction on payments?  I know, the obvious is to make money, but it just seems to be lousy customer service, and the only one of my many accounts that has this restriction.  I did do a customer satisfaction survey with Chase, and expressed my displeasure about this, but no response received. 

I believe it is because it costs them money to withdraw money. Chase is not the only one who puts restriction on payment. Citi limits you to 4 payments per month. 

Wow I didn't know this. Gotta be more cautious with Citi in the future ...

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Re: Chase Payment Policy

why not push it from the bank account with bill pay?  Discover also does not allow you to pay for pending transactions and I had no interest to have that card report 100% util and maxed out so I pushed it from the bankside and even overpaid so I could keep using it and still have a 0 balance.  At reporting it was a -400 $ saldo that reported 0 balance. 

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Re: Chase Payment Policy

I know this is last year's post, but Chase has since changed their policy for making a chase cc payment from a Chase checking account. You ca no longer do a 'transfer' from checking to cc.

Now, paying using this method is subject to the 3-day rule. It happened to me last month.
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Re: Chase Payment Policy

You can still bypass this by calling in and making the payment over the phone.

if the funding source is a Chase checking / savings account, the available credit is freed up by 12am if payment was made before 5pm EST, and payment will still be reflected as made on the same day.


Or you could just walk into a branch.


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Re: Chase Payment Policy

I also PIF quickly after charging with my Freedom. Never has this issue tho Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Chase Payment Policy

There's ways to bypass this.

Make payments in the branch, you can pay daily if you want, you can pay in excess of what you owe if you need.

What I do is to set it on auto pay, then 2 days later before the statement cuts make another payment. My payment due date is the 5th of every month for all 6 of my Chase card, so the full statement balance gets paid. On the 7th I make another payment for whatever remaining outstanding balance remains and I never have problems with low balances reporting.
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