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Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

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Re: Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

Depending on how much you spend on groceries take a look at the Amex BCP.  6% there and the 3% back on gas would be very good for the 6-9 months of the year it's not a Freedom category.

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Re: Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

I don't think I could justify the AF because I do most of my grocery shopping at Walmart and Target. I only do about 15% at a stand alone grocery store. So instead of the BCE, I think I'd rather the Penfed Platinum Rewards with 5x on Gas and 3x on Groceries.
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Re: Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

The Barclays Rewards MC gives 2 points per dollar on groceries. I just applied for it.
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Re: Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

I chose the grocery category as my 2% category on my Cash+ card, and my local Walmart & Target Supercenters are both recognized as grocery for my purchases.  The nice part is that there is no cap on the 2% category rewards.  And until August 10th, I'm actually getting 2.75% cash back on grocery since I have a platinum checking pkg. and I also only redeem my rewards in $100 increments so that I get the $25 bonus.


My DH has a BofA Cash Rewards card and that also provides 2% cash back on grocery purchases (including Walmart & Target Superstores), but there is the cap of $1500 per quarter.



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Re: Chase Points/Cash on Groceries

We spend a lot on groceries, so the cap on the BCP was a problem. 


My plan was to use BCP for the first $6K each year, then switch to the Penfed Platinum Rewards at 3% for the rest (this is uncapped and can also be used abroad).  That will probably be my plan next year now, since I got the TYP which has 5x on groceries for 12 months.


I'm hoping another time-limited good offer comes before that expires!


There are other good offers out there depending on spend, e.g. Sallie Mae is 5% on the first $250 grocery spend per month, which can be fine for a single (or people who eat out a lot rather than buy groceries!).


But as the OP says, Chase aren't really in this field, except sometimes as a category in Freedom, which is limited to $75 per quarter.

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