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Chase Prequalified Offers

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Re: Chase Prequalified Offers

thanks for all the useful information. I will keep this in mind. I just got approved for the Freedom Unlimited.  I am good with the mix i got thus far so not really wanting anything more if any it would be the Freedom with the categories.   This was very helpful

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Re: Chase Prequalified Offers

Congrats on the approval! What are some data points? And your SL if you want to share?


Currently showing 3 offers with green marks on top but when I click on the offer it doesn't get a firm rate, just a range and it doesn't have my info pre-loaded. This is new to me, AMEX loaded all my info when I go to their offers so this is scaring me off a little.


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Re: Chase Prequalified Offers


Ok, so this is about the picture below. I'm building credit so I can have one year history before I apply for my first Chase card (either Freedom or CSP). When I used to log in I would get an offer for CSP (because of CPC), and since I was denied for CSP I've only seen CFU offer. I don't get any offers when I do "explore offers". So, my question is two-fold:


One, are the "Your Offers" accurate, or are they just a way for Chase to get more applications?

Second, does Chase really need one-year, or should I cold app in June, and if I do apply should I apply for Chase Freedom and CSP at the same time to combine apps?




Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 2.38.39 AM.png

For DP, when you applied for the CSP was it a pre-qual offer, what was the reason for denial, and did you recon or have your CPC banker recon on your behalf.

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Re: Chase Prequalified Offers

Reason was length of history, CPC banker told me to wait because a recon wouldn't help with short history.


Since then:


-I've grown my Cap One history and gotten a CLI

-Got a Discover It

-Got an Amex PRG

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