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Chase SP recon success

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Re: Chase SP recon success with my 90+ inq!

Even if he was maxed at 85 inquiries or had 90, does it really matter?  Either way it is a boat load!

Ch 7 Discharge 3/12/2018
Credit One $700, Wayfair $3,500, Blaze MC $2,500

AU Cards: CSP $37.7k; Chase Marriott $20k; Citi TY $8.5k; Barclays Arrival+ $15k
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Re: Chase SP recon success with my 90+ inq!

Some people are spending way too much reading the actual number of inqs instead of the point of the post which is to educate and inform other users that a high number of inqs its still possible to reverse a decision.   The people who are concentrating too much on the number are probably people who read the last page of a book instead of its content.

Anyway, yes there was a time EQ had a max number of INQ slots of 85.  People such as myself took advantage of this by using the 'bumpage'  technique to knock off the hard inqs. Now, this seriously messed up my CR so I wouldn't advise anyone on doing that. I also read to much into of the success stories of other people trying this, it doesn't work for everyone!!  Besides, my understanding is  that EQ have since fixed this and like EX and TU there are no allocated INQ slots anymore meaning you can go past the 85.  Maybe for some people this still works but for me it clearly no longer works, maybe because the mess it caused when I did it.   I had success in deleting several inqs by this technique but like I said it messed up my CR at the time.  The fact is, as of have last week my EQ CR showed 93 inqs as advised by analyst  and from what I have seen myself. 

Purpose of sharing this is merely to help others from a similar background.  That is all.

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Re: Chase SP recon success

It is brilliant that you got approved for it, but I do not think people with a lot of inquiries usually have them from rate shopping. If they were all credit card inquiries the reconsideration probably would have went differently.

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Re: Chase SP recon success

The reasaon people have a hard time believing you on the number is because there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people that can verify the max of 85 and you are the only one I have ever heard of with more than that.

While it is possible not everything is adding up. I have heard of people getting 30 INQ's when car shopping went terribly wrong. How did you rack up 90?
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