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Re: Chase SUCKS

1 -30 day late payment 4 yrs ago  while it was a wamu card,  2 months after chase takes over they give me the default rate. I will keep it  open. Perhaps I'l purchase a happy meal. But, I will never spend big bucks or apply for a Chase card until they change their ways,  EVER! Funny thing is after they raised my rate i received a pre-approved sapphire card in the mail. FU! They have to be kidding. 



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Re: Chase SUCKS

I get confused with all those numbers like effective annual percentage rate, daily, etc. I had a rate on one of my accounts (not Chase) that read at 147% Effective Annual Percentage Rate. Almost had a heart attack but there was no unusual charge added. Not sure which card it was. My 4 Chase accounts, one was a WAMU, are 3 at 0% Effective Annual Percentage Rate, always try to pif and my other Chase Effective Annual Percentage Rate is at 2.99% from a BT I did a couple years ago. If I was carrying a balance my rates would be 13.24% and one at 14.24%. I am so crossing my fingers that they don't go up any higher.

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Re: Chase SUCKS

Another way to inflict a higher effective APR on yourself is to incur the minimum finance charge. It won't amount to much dollarwise, but the APR will turn out to be awful!

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Re: Chase SUCKS

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:

smallfry wrote:

creditwherecreditisdue wrote:

icyplaya wrote:
Okay just got off with the rep, luckly her english as quite good..

I called Chase three times today and all three times the CSR was an American.

Was their English acceptable? LOL.

Barely. I hung up on two of them. The first CSR thought I was nuts, the second CSR sounded just like the first one.


BTW - All of them answered my question incorrectly. I got the right answer later on at a branch! (This was not a CC question. It was a bank account question.) Pretty shameful performance.

My branch always tells me NOT to call customer service if I want to get the correct answers (or find out any information). Its almost as if they just staff calls so customer can speak to someone. Doesnt matter if they know anything. I initially thought it was some internal warfare (branch vs call center). However, I got the same info from several branches.


All it took was for me to try it for myself. Three occassions misinfo from call center - branch rectified it quickly. I wont call them again.

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