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Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

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Re: Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

Welcome! Congrats to you gr8 card to have.

JamesDean wrote:

Update for the curious, I called and confirmed that my application went through fine. $5,000 CL for me, which I think is pretty good since it's only my second card.

Welcome! Congrats to you

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Re: Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

Congrats on your successful application. I never received an email for my chase amazon application... I just obsessively called the status line... not recommended!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

Nice, Congats on the approval!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

I don't think they send out emails after you've been approved. I've applied for 3 cards with them and never gotten an email once.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Application, No Email

Congrats! My dream card right there!

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