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Chase Sapphire Approval Odds

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Chase Sapphire Approval Odds

CSR Approval Odds?

Hello all, been a long time lurker here. I've been gardening and raising my score for just about a year now, and I've been wanting the CSR for a while now, just like everyone else. What do you think my chances are? I'm at 4/24. No baddies, utilization is at 11%. Thanks!

Income: $95,000 (This is an updated info from when I posted many months ago, still gardening)


EX: 716 

EQ: 774

TU: 778



Citi DoubleCash: $8500 (1 yr 4 mos)

Uber Visa: $5000 (1 yr 1 mo)

Freedom: $4500 (1 yr 1 mo)

Freedom Unlimited: $8600 (6 mo)

Capital One Platinum (Authorized User): $3000 (5 Yr)


Let me explain: I asked for a CLI for my CFU after the 6 month mark. The original amount was $4300 and they approved me for $8600. I wanted to be in the ballpark for close to $10,000 for the CSR for a Chase card. They pulled Experian and it went from 747 to 716 due to the hard pull...But I think the lower utilization rate, and my continued effort to pay things in full will mitigate these effects for the next couple of months. I plan on applying for the CSR sometime in April to allow my EX credit score recover for a few months with strategies mentioned earlier. 



Inquiries: 4 

Nov 2017

Mar 2018

July 2018

Jan 2019


I'm mainly concerned if about the amount of credit I have is close enough to $10,000 for them to grant me a card. Recovering the credit score is totally doable. What do you think? Thanks!


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Re: Chase Sapphire Approval Odds

Citibank did a double soft pull for the CLI, I should have asked for more to be honest...But the amount of credit is the main issue as you can see, since I'm stuck at 4/24, I can't apply for any new cards besides the CSR to stay under, and the rest of the cards such as the Uber and the Freedom will require another hard pull...Which will dig a deeper hole for me in terms of inquiries and credit score hit. I'm in a bind. 


Perhaps the Transunion from Barclays could take a hit from a hard pull since Chase is not as likely to pull from there and mainly pulls from EX for me as you can see, I don't know. 

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Re: Chase Sapphire Approval Odds


Since you’re at 4/24, don’t open any new accounts if your goal is to get the CSR. It doesn’t matter where Chase pull from. 5/24 means accounts opened, not which CR gets hit.

Since you already have Chase, look at your dashboard and see if you have any green checkmarks for the CSR. If yes, there’s a possibility you would be approved. If no, you can always go into a branch and ask the branch manager if you’re preapproved for the CSR. Caveat—green checkmark doesn’t guarantee an approval. It’s a high probability of approval depending on other factors in your credit profile.


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DEC 2018: EX 777, TU 783, EQ 799

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