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Chase Sapphire Cards

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

@JRack wrote:

I'm not past hit up some family that had existing chase accounts and got myself added as an AU on an existing Chase card.


Now I will let that simmer for a few months and see if some offers come in Smiley Happy


Taking the fishing approach to this and baiting that rod a bit.

Well, I dont think you did yourself any favors there


AU account is another additional new account. It doesn't matter when it was opened. If your CR is pulled, it will let the lender know when you were added. You're one account closer to 5/24, without getting any rewards yourself. 

AU account will not make getting your own Chase card any easier

The limit on that account is going to be irrelevant to your situation because you're not responsible payments on that account.

If the utilization on that account goes up, it will affect you also. 


Do you share the address with the primary account holder? 

EX 759 EQ 774 TU 753

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

Ya, I share the address with the account and already help aid in paying house hold wages (it is for my disabled mom) So I know the utilization on the account is fine.

Additionally this will get me:

1. Payment History improvements

2. AAoA improvement

3. Credit Limit increase (will have a card in that $5000+ range)


I still have several 5/24 slots so I am fine in that regard.


Figured there was little way this would be a set back, and if it is I will get it removed.



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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

Not really knowing much information reflecting your reports and history, my best advice is to;
1) Continue mingling here on the forum and heeding advice from a wealth of knowledge.
2) Garden for 6 more months, paying down any utility to less than 8%.
3) Hop on to, sign in often, be aware of slick offers popping up around the site.
4) Keep your credit-nose clean.

Some say that the balance of your checking account does little to nothing, but my personal 10year experience with Chase says otherwise. They seem to play a lot nicer with me when my account is above 5K. YMMV 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards


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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

how much did the au account inflate your real fico score?  if you dont have decent income and a score 720+ generally you are looking at a low sl from chase

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

It hasn't reflected yet, but will let you know.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

I’ve seen AU accounts help people that otherwise wouldn’t be qualified get approved for Chase cards specifically. However, without info about what other cards you have, it’ll be difficult to know your odds.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

Hello, I do not know what state you are in but I am located in GA and I applied for the Sapphire yesterday (6/25/19). They pulled Experian and TransUnion. I don't know yet if they used my FICO 8 score or the FICO 8 Bankcard score. I will let you know as soon as I get the card as they put a letter in there showing the score they used. I am currently at 708 (EX) and 712 (TU) for FICO 8 and 752 (EX) 707 (TU) for the Bankcard FICO 8 Score. Utilization currently is at 11% for my remaining accounts. I have had my Chase Freedom with them for 10 years no problems. They approved me for 13,900. I will update once I know what model they used. 8 or Bankcard enhanced.
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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

I apped 6/9-6/10 for the CSP, Chase approved me for the sapphire preferred a few days later - tuesday ish maybe for an 18,700 SL @22.24%(i think) and offered to expidite the card. My scores at that time were low 680's on EX & EQ. Im not sure how i got that high (to me) of an SL with a bank I've had no prior relationship with... I have recently read somewhere on here Chase does some factoring in of AU accounts and if thats the case I'm an AU on my GF's Southwest card it has a 5400 limit and currently we've ran almost 20k through it in about 4 months (the reason I think I got approved more and more after the Chase factoring in AU's comments I've seen here). I do have a collection due to fall off next month and it is on both the reports Chase pulled. If you do app and get approved, a word of caution, do not get trigger happy - I've read a ton on here about it Chase apparently has no issues closing the door on you if they dont like they see after they approve you (they'll preform SP's to see what you've been up to, Ive had 2 SP's since I apped for the CSP and I'm sweating a little but so far account is still open!).

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

@bourgogne wrote:

how much did the au account inflate your real fico score?  if you dont have decent income and a score 720+ generally you are looking at a low sl from chase

The AU account reported and raise my score by 24 points!


Just updating as I said I would Smiley Happy

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