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Chase Sapphire Cards

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Re: Chase Sapphire Cards

@JRack wrote:

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how much did the au account inflate your real fico score?  if you dont have decent income and a score 720+ generally you are looking at a low sl from chase

The AU account reported and raise my score by 24 points!


Just updating as I said I would Smiley Happy

good.  chase can be tough to crack but once in its pretty easy to move about and get new products.  having cards with low limits seems counterproductive to me.  the easy way is get a freedom, work it to death for a year and then move up.  the chase orbit to me is geared for travel, if I did not go to Europe as much as I do I am pretty sure I would be in a different program altogether.  I dont have one but I always recommend the uber card to people that want a simple card to use that has decent rewards.  chase is simple which is why I use it, just aim for the card and swipe

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