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Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

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Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

Hello all!


I am currently considering opening a card with Chase, which is one lender I never got to crack.

The reason being my lack of SSN, which I'm receiving within 2 weeks, finally (and just after the Equifax hack as well, what luck haha)!


So obviously, I'll be reporting to me existing lenders my new SSN and wait about a month for the reports to be consolidated, and then applying for the card after I've confirmed.


Having said that, I'm considering applying for two cards (I'm 3/24 atm): the Freedom, and a Sapphire card. I can definitely spend CSR $300 travel credit, but I have no use for the Priority Pass as I already have an Amex Plat and I never bring more than one guest. I'm also not sure if I'll be spending enough in dining and travel to make up the difference in fees against the CSP, because I mainly buy flights on my Plat, which I plan to continue to do so (I know 3 UR can be as valuable as 5 MR, but I like Amex's int'l transfer partners as well, and the Plat's not getting too much spend other than flight tickets), but considering the one-Sapphire-per-customer rule, my decision is up in the air a bit.


In the interest of brevity, here are my stats:

AAoA 11 months (lol)

Income 67k

No lates, no baddies

4 cards - BoA (6k), Citi (2k), Amex BCE (1.5k), Amex Plat (NPSL, 35k PoT)

1 credit builder secured loan

FICO8 EX 739, TU 728


What're my chances for each (Freedom, CSP, CSR, applying for two at once), in your opinion? I could visit a branch and find out, but the closest one is 75 miles from home Smiley Sad


Thanks all for any help or comments!

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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

Oh and my utilization is at about 12% currently.
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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

I suggest hitting up the credit pulls database and seeing the scores/profiles that others that got approved/denied for the card had and make your decision based on that research.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

Thanks for the advice. I did do that and my scores seem relatively safe for the CSP, but I was asking about the double application along with Freedom, and about my short AAoA.

I'm also wondering about CSR's 10k minimum CL, since I don't yet have another 10k card. Has anyone successfully gotten the CSR w/o a similar CL card on profile?
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Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve / Preferred Approval Odds?

I would think that a Freedom would be a fairly safe bet.  Then from there you can look at the my offers section and see what shows up there in a few months.  I took a Freedom on an almost blank report and have since added a FU and a CSP through my offers.

EX660 TU 656 EQ 668
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