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Chase Slate upgrade to Freedom Unlimited

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Re: Chase Slate upgrade to Freedom Unlimited

If there is no 3% cash back first year SUB, I don't want this card. I have a 2% everything card now. Calling Chase.


Okay... I called and had them PC Slate to the Freedom 5% card. I surrendered the $150 SUB, but at least it's a card I can use occasionally. CL of $24K and 13.49% transfer to new card. 

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Re: Chase Slate upgrade to Freedom Unlimited

Recieved Same email yesterday, but about 2 weeks ago got a 8k auto increase on the Slate that was shocking as I never really use it a lot because of the Toy limit!
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Re: Chase Slate upgrade to Freedom Unlimited

Over a week ago when I got the email of Slate closing I called and got PC'd to Freedom 5% instead of the Freedom Unlimited because I already had a 2% everything rebate card(Paypal). I could see right away online that Slate was gone and replaced with Freedom. I got email saying my new cards were on their way but I could use my Slate card as Freedom because the account numbers would remain and I would get the rewards from grocery and home improvement because I had activated them.


Today I see Chase in my USPS box thinking our new cards finally arrived. Instead it's a page of balance transfer checks from Slate... not Freedom... Slate. SMH. 


Think we'll wait for the Freedom cards to arrive before buying a carload of groceries and then find out our old Slate card is still just a worthless Slate card.

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