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Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

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Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

Hi All,

Got home today from moving my daughter into the Dorm up in NY and prior to leaving had applied for the new United Plus card. There was a letter waiting for me saying they needed to verify some info. Intead of calling that number I called the backdoor number from this board. She took my info, put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back saying I had been approved this morning as a matter of fact with a 19.5K credit line!!! I am ecstatic as I already have a Freedom with them and was concerned they wouldn;t extend me anymore. My scores are all in the 710-734 range with no negatives (just a lot of inquiries). I was concerned about the inquiries and the screwed up thing is that 2 of them werent even for new credit. Citi and Wells Fargo both pulled my credit when I opened up accounts online last month. I really wish there was a distinction made in the credit file when this happens as it has affected me in the past. You try to give money to a bank and they pull your credit!!! Arrgh!!

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Re: Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

Would you mind sharing your AAoA?

Also, did they ask for personal or HHI when apping?

What is your APR?

Congrats to a nice healthy CL.....


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Re: Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

AAoA is 23 years

HHI (389K - I did not include income from real estate and holdings which are on multiple  K1's  instead of W2)

Sounds great but what you don't know is that I had alot more than that and basically had a lot of negatives 7 years ago when I got divorced. My ex had multiple accounts that she opened in my name during the marriage (example SAKS first account with 118K CL, AMEX Centurion, etc alot of which had lates during the seperation as I didn't know about the accounts. I closed ALL of the accounts that I had acculmulated during the marriage. Probably closed over 30 credit cards and credit lines because of the divorce. Took alot of hard work and time to rebuild my profile over the last 5 years, THIS FORUM had been a HUGE help. Despite what I consider a fair amount of business and credit savey, it would have taken me twice as many years to fix the credit profile if it werent for the information on this forum)

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Re: Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

@flyingmd wrote:

(example SAKS first account with 118K CL

LOL, I didn't know HSBC knew about CL's higher than 10k!!

sorry off topic, congrats on the Chase but sounds like if you had 100k+ cl before you might be a little upset with just 20!

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Re: Chase UNITED PLUS - Backdoor

LMAO - You didn't read. My EX opened the SAKS account 6 months before we seperated in my name. Apparently we were such good customers, the manager at the SAKS let her do it. She bought a 9 CT diamond with it and 6 months later I am seperated...... Think she had a plan????? HA. Anyway.Life is a lot simpler financially without her than with her. And I only need a line large enough to cover my personal expenses. As I PIF and make several payments a month, I could easily put 30-35K a month on the card monthly with a credit line of 20K. Moral of this story........Divorce sucks, its very expensive. And depending on the spending habits of your ex wife, life could actually be cheaper with alimony than her credit card bills........Smiley Happy))))))

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