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Does anyone know if Chase is blacklisting for old Provodian CO's the way Wamu did? I had a CO with them that's no longer on my reports but I know from reading things here that it didn't matter with Wamu and the Providian blacklist was sort of forever. Just wondering if Chase will be doing the same.
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Re: Chase-Wamu-Providian

No way to tell, but here's my story. 


I have two CO (reporting zero balance w/Providian).  I was approved for a 4500 CL w/WaMu about 3 - 4 mos. ago.  I pull my credit quite often, and everything related to WaMu on my report including inquires pulled by WaMu and my oldest acct., which is the CO w/Providian has been changed to Chase (Name Wise).


Recently, after receiving a letter from Chase, and reading a couple of forum here I called Chase about my WaMu account.  I asked the lady, if I qualify for any special programs, and she said, "Sir, you currently have the best program, but if you like we can replace your WaMu card with a new Chase card. 


By the way, be very careful of the Predator Credit Cards/Banks . . . Good Luck.


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