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Chase bank - The relationship bank

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Re: Chase bank - The relationship bank

The 'Just for You' area have deadline offers are for you, personally. They may have had an offer for you that pasted the deadline but still popped up because you didn't view it. I receive offers just about every other week under every category and the offers slightly increase and decrease in numbers. I believe those offers are being pulled by the soft pull monthly credit reports they do on your credit (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Those offers pop up/easier to navigate on the mobile app, IMHO. For CCs, the 'Just for You' feature displays the credit card and credit limit you pre-approved for. It is a hard pull though, Chase loves hard pulls. So basically, it lets you know what they are offering without guessing the card or credit limit.

|Trans: 792 |Equ: 794 |Exp: 781|
|Amex BCE: $30k |Discover: $26.5k |Citi DC: $13.7k|
|Chase FU: $6k |Cap1 Venture: $4.4k |Cap1 Secure: $1k|
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