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Chase cards…

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Re: Chase cards…

I haven't charged anything to my new Freedom yet. Waiting to close on the house. I am hoping to get clear to close by Friday or Monday.

So far I like Chase because of their spectacular rewards program. Capital One's Perk Central is no match to Chase's Ultimate Rewards. The Ultimate Rewards program gives great cash back rewards from merchants I typically purchase from like Best Buy. I also am excited about the 5x bonus categories. I love that I will get 5% cash back for gas through March. And so far their customer service is excellent. And you can also use your points for travel instead of just cash back.
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Re: Chase cards…

kwinks wrote:

kwinks wrote:

Imua wrote:

kwinks wrote:

Also customer service is really great! I have never had one issue with them vs say Bank of America cash rewards which is a pain to pay every month because I can't do it online. 

i have no trouble paying BofA online
just curious - does your computer have a particular problem/issue with the BofA website?


i agree that chase has great customer service Smiley Happy


no my account just won't let me do it. I have tried on my phone/tablet/computer and it won't let me. Called customer service and they keep saying that they fixed the problem but I still can't do it, even after being with them for a year. But now that I got the csp and amex bcp I am no longer planning to use bofa

so as a weird side note, I wenI onto bofa website today and just for laughs tried to pay cc...and it actually worked!!! Kind of freaked out, are they reading my posts???? LOLSmiley LOL



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Chase Freedom visa $10k ... Macy's $1.5k ... Macy's Amex $5k ... Sam's Club $6.3k
myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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Re: Chase cards…

CreditScholar wrote:

4 reasons for me:


* CS

* Several options for travel rewards cards

* Integrated Rewards System (Transfer Partners & UR Mall)

* Uncapped Rewards, which is critial for heavy spenders. Only Chase and Amex play in this arena.

Just wondering about that last point.  Clearly specific Chase cards are capped in some categories, e.g. Freedom $1500 spend per quarter for 5%, but overall, aren't most cards rewards uncapped (Citi Forward removed its cap, Capital One and PenFed have no cap etc)

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Re: Chase cards…

Got approved for Chase Sapphire Preferred with a CL of $5k.  Transunion score of 696, and EQ score of 661.  I have a Debt:Credit ratio of 54%. Income of $63k.   Was actually surprised to get appoved, as I had gotten declined for an AMEX Blue Cash card just the day before.  Smiley Happy

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Goal Score: 770 Across the board!!
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Re: Chase cards…

Congrats it's a great looking card but scratches easy

In my wallet: AMEX Gold; Freedom $1.5k; CSP $5k; Chase United $5k; Discover $2k
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