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Chase cash advance limits decreased?

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

Well I'll be darned....


Freedom Flex (PC'ed card) statement closed 9/26/2020 with 20% cash advance limit. Ink just closed 10/2/2020 and the cash advance limit went from $1,800 on 9/2/2020 statement to $400. No notice; no message on the statement. So this must be an October thing? 


Isn't this some sort of change that would have required a change of terms notice?


Like you all, I do not use cash advance. I was never issued a PIN on any Chase card and I have never requested one. 


I also am totally fine with this change as long as it keeps the purchase credit line in tact. 

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

My Chase CA limit is still 20% of CL, as it was 1 year ago.

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

@Anonymous wrote:

 I was looking at the account details on both my Chase cards, and noticed the cash advance limits had been reduced by a lot.  My Amazon Visa, which has a $1500 limit and previously had a $300 cash advance limit, now has a CA limit of $75.  My CFU, which has double the CL at $3000 has a $150 CA limit now (previously it was $600).


Is this the case for everyone?  I think they set the CA limits to 5% of total CL instead of 20%.


This seems to be quite recent, as last month's statements for both cards show the old limits.


It's not an issue for me since I never take cash advances, but for someone who does (why??), it might affect them.


Wow, I just checked my Chase cards and it happened to them too. They were reduced by 75%.


I never would have noticed, because I would never even think of using those cards for cash advances, since I don't believe in paying cash advance fees.



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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

My Chase CA is also registering at 5% of CL.

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

I also never checked my cash advance line on either Chase account as I've never had the need.  Both statements cut in the last 5 days.

CSR $50,000 CL Cash Access Line $10,000

RC $20,000 CL Cash Access Line $4,000

I run @$15,000 monthly through CSR but have no doubt that next month my Cash access line will be cut as well.  It's a prudent move by Chase.  I'll echo what others have said, much better than a CLD.  If I ever should need a cash advance against a CC, Chase would be my LAST choice

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

Mine was cut down to 5% too and I actually use mine, I'm glad I saw this post so I didn't think I was able to use more and end up looking silly somewhere LOL.     Very odd, but I agree with others I would rather them knock that down then to cut my CL.

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

Agree with all. Better the CA limit, than the Credit limit, or nerfing the entire Ultimate Rewards program.


Chase is such an intelligent lender (YMMV Smiley Happy).  Cash Advances are more risky than purchases. 

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

Just checked my Chase Freedom and my Discover, both are unchanged. I wonder if this was an overall thing or card specific?

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

The only CA i would care about would be my Navy or credit Union cards as they are actually useful . This feature of a credit card is kind of ridiculous in that the issuer wants to flaunt the feature but its taboo to use or gives the image you are desperate.  I dont believe that but i know some people do. Why should they care so long as they get paid. They get crazy interest . No point but just another way to control us consumers. 

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Re: Chase cash advance limits decreased?

I have three Chase cards.  I just checked them, and the cash advance limits are each at 20% of the credit limit.  I don't know what they were previously, so I don't know if they've changed recently.  I don't do cash advances, so I really don't follow those numbers.  If I ever needed cash in a hurry, I would call one of my credit unions and get a personal loan at a much better interest rate than any credit card could give me as a cash advance.

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